Midnight Club: L.A Save Editor

[size=25]Edits your money and rep

[/size][size=25] Download: [Uppit](http://uppit.com/5qbkdl9endvn/Midnight_Club_L.A_Save_Editor.rar)

Virus scan: VirusTotal[/size]

I would use it but my midnight won’t work lol

i was just looking for this like 5 minutes ago since i found my midnightclub

Screenshot of the tool? I wanna know if it’s got a nice GUI.

These are old but nice. I have one that includes races won and all that.

i should upload my save i have everything. unlimited money, everything free. every car goes 300mph foward and backwards.

If you guys run into any bugs, let me know.

Not to sound like a dumb ass but after you download it how do you do the rest? Lol sorry for the headache type post :thumbsup:

Open the program, then open your Midnight Club L.A save in it.

Work this Tool with the 2 Version of this Game?

When not here my Reloade Tool this support the 2 version.

Open Save & Mod
Resign & Rehash

This Tool create a backup from Save
You need NetFramework 4 current version

Midnight Club L.A Reloade.rar

guys im having some problems and not sure how old this discussion is how do i download the save editor for mid night la and can it be used with a usb or rgh/jtag

wtf 6 years sorry lol