Midnight Club LA Car modding?

Ive been playing it recently and i see the leaderboard for “coolest” cars and they have mods like flashing neon, custom decals, body parts that arent every in the game etc. Some of them also go from 0-200 in about 4 seconds and im wondering how the hell do people do this?

So long story short…anybody know how?

Probobly with a jtag

Take a look - Midnight Club: LA Tool - Se7enSins Forums.

thats what im thinking but i wanted to know if anybody could confirm it

Helps with some of it, but if you go look at some of the cars you will understand what i mean, some probably are jtagged but i just want to see if anybody on here can confirm that

Hex Edit (HxD)


Let me google that for you

Ik that already, ill post pics of what im talking about tomorrow

Edit : nvm found out that the ones im talking about were in modio, **** that ****

mods can close