Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Hello, i want the trainer for Might & Magic: Heroes VI, i found some trainers but the´re not working on Uplay, and the votes fot his game is soo low. So i pleas, if someone can find or create function trainer with add units ot something like get OP my army, contact me. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

50000 users and 4 trainer devs. The voting system is there for a reason.

So gather supports and points.

You can vote for the game here

If the interest isn’t there, it doesn’t make sense for me to make a trainer for it when i can work on another trainer which will be used by far more people. Once infinity grows to the point we don’t have to worry about traffic, i could ignore popular games and work on games nobody plays…someday that will happen but for now, you have to request.