Milliseconds for online achievements

Hi there. I’m about ready to start modding some online achievements. I have the latest version of Horizon (v2.8.4.0) and I was wondering about the milliseconds. Just want to check with the community if this method is sound.

Let’s say it was 12:30pm. I am planning to disconnect my xbox from live, take my USB stick (with my profile on) out and go to my computer. Then i’d load up the achievement unlocker and selct to unlock online. At this point, the time stamp becomes available for editting. By default it will say something like 06/12/14 12:30:10 (dd/mm/yy hh/mm/ss). Milliseconds is hidden, but somebody mentioned that Horizon now randomises them so it looks more legit.

After this I plan to take my profile back over, plug it in and reconnect to Xbox live. Say set achievement to unlock at 12:31 and reconnect at 12:32.

Does this sound reasonable?

Sounds very reasonable, and yes, Horizon now supports randomized milliseconds. You thought it through and have a good plan. you’ll be fine.

with online achievements and timestamps i belive the best way of unlocking them is to sign in on your xbox (online) and load up the respective game your planning to unlock the achievement for and just play a little for half hour or so then get your profile on the pc and unlock the achievements with the timestamps all set within the half hour you was playing the game :smile: what your planning is stupid imo seen as MS know the exact times when you are online and what games your playing. The best advise i can give though is stay away from online ones as its bound to end in tears.