Minecraft Achievement Unlocker

Hi All
Before I pay for the diamond version… what can I “unlock” for Minecraft?

Long story… my 8yo sons xbox360E4Gb appears to have reset itself after a USB hard drive failure.
I only have 1 Live account (mine) on there for admin and his profile (and others kids) are offline profiles.
All profiles are gone after the reset. 3 years of his work down the drain.

I found some game saves but they are listed as Unknown Profiles.
I used Horizon to reassign the game saves to a new profile. (This works, all his worlds appear to be there now) :slight_smile:

All the achievements he had, are gone. Its not a massive deal as he mostly plays in creative mode. I’m sure he will be OK just with me saving his worlds, but if I can sort some of the other mess out…

What Minecraft achievements etc can I unlock using diamond?

Similar question with Lego Jurassic World. He was 93% through.

These are the only 2 proper games he plays.

Thanks in advance.

All the achievements should be unlockable. Just don’t use the achievement unlocker with online profiles as you risk getting a permanent reset.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Awesome Thanks sNaKe.

FYI for anyone interested… Lego Jurassic World game saves worked OK when moved to the profile. His coins and other ingame successes were still there. The achievements weren’t, but he doesn’t seem to be upset about that… he said he can get those quicker now as he’s already been through it (good gamer attitude :slight_smile: )

Saving his minecraft worlds was all I needed done and Horizon did exactly that!

Massive thanks to the Horizon creators, you’ve made a small boy very very happy. :sunglasses: