Minecraft - Duplication Glitch Unlimited Items ( Xbox 360 Edition )

Just saw this video and tested it, it works! Just use a guest if you do not have a friend.

Enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Mother ****er. I just posted this :smiley:

ugh. xD

I love you, thanks for the share :smiley:

I think you might have posted it a little before me.

Ahh yea. :smiley:

You posted it after him. Check the URL. You will see 111331 in this thread and 111332 in yours.

Damn, seems like we posted it exactly at the same time, lol.



Yeh but you didnt.

Time to stock up on diamond:D

Nvm, I’m just dumb. :smile:

Thanks for the share :smile:

Damn, this is amazing, i hope it doesn’t get patched any time soon.

In the next update or whatever it will be patched more then likely.