Minecraft | Easter egg - "Minceraft"

[size=25][b]Easter egg - “Minceraft” <-- Look carefully at it :wink:

Big minecraft Easter egg glitch, Only 1 in 1000 chance of getting this.

edit // all the people saying this is edited & fake are completely ******ed, Yogcast did download a mod to get this but you can actually get it without mods ect…

Yogcast video ( Go to 5:48 )

Enjoy guys :smirk:[/b][/size]

People are gonna start raging that this is old…I liked it though :smile:

I call BS on this.

I’v edited the “MOJANG” splash screen thing before to other things and you could do the same with changing “Minecraft” to “Mincecraft”… this isn’t a ‘easter egg’, its a way to get views.

(Unless this was a joke…)

Old but real; anyone want a client which does it every time (0.0001) become (1).

Before calling BS learn the code; you will see it’s real!
I will send you the file if you like to add to the client for proof.

Yes i agree as well. it’s just away to get views on youtube :laughing:

Once again; it’s real…
Want the file which does it; ask me (I made one)

Link for you; install like any other mod: http://osixhost.com/brad/downloads/Minecraft/xo.class
This is just changing the 1 in 10,000 chance to 1 (always).
Enjoy and yes I did modify it myself to see if it was real; turned out it was.

Point proven.


Oh yeah editing the ‘png’ wow.
How about; you get the NORMAL png files and put that XO.class in and then try it.
Maybe you will learn something.

I don’t know why people like these people. They are annoying… Also you can tell they edited out and recorded it again.


Why can’t people just actually “use the xo.class” and see it for themselves.
On any texture pack it works.
And that’s the class they used.

There stupid, anybody can edit this. when i load my minecraft it doesnt even say mojang, it has a picture of me.

Possibly fake, but who really cares…It’s kinda cool, if it is real.
I honestly think yogscast is ****ing stupid though.