Minecraft End Portal Help Xbox One

Hey, just looking to see if anyone has a map on Minecraft Xbox with the End Portal open. I’m trying to 1000g this game before Destiny and only need the two achievements tied to that portal. If anyone can, post your GT and i’ll add you, thanks

Add me I can do it later, I have to help my sister move in to her new house.

All you have to do is jump into the portal and you get both achievements, my friend did it yesterday.

GT: Astonish EU

Thanks i’ll add you now.

Hey, still waiting for iLuke to get back but i’m going to head offline in about two hours so incase he doesn’t come online if anyone can help out that would be amazing. Thanks

If Microsoft didn’t bend me over and **** me so hard I’d help but I wont pay a whole $20 for something I already paid for.