Minecraft JTAG Emulator?

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to get Minecraft and turn it into a JTAG emulator so it was possible to play on a JTAG. If not that would suck, Either way it’d still be pretty cool to play Minecraft on a JTAG.

it not work with JTAG ever i tested. it not support jar. Minecraft only on computer work on pc or mac. if XBOX 360 support jar would can get minecraft emu will work it. let you know

wtf did you just say?

He had bad grammar but he’s right.

It’s not open source you fools
unless someone can remake the whole minecraft, no it won’t have anything ever except the official game on PC. And plus, xbox doesn’t run java…(jar files)

I wish it worked on a JTAG, I would play it non stop

I would play it loads, would be awesome to play with far rendering distances and being able to record in HD. My laptop sucks :expressionless:

What if you put Linux on your jtag and ran it off that?

i doubt that would work
you’d need to install java and have that working properly
even with linux i doubt that would be able to work

i will test linux on xbox 360 jtag if work, post.

maby make suggestion to there company, saying make it for xbox, ps3… and so on…

yes work linux on xbox 360!! but it only mouse and keyword. it not work controller. does minecraft work xbox 360 controller on pc? i dont see driver i think it key with driver? i need find programming im not sure

HOLE S**T, Please re-wright this… i can barley read it.

My suggestion worked. Minecraft works on jtag if running Linux but only with Mouse+keyboard not xbox360 controller.

Something tells me CapMax is not from America or an English speaking country, cut him some slack.

I would revive my love for minecraft if i could play on my 360.

Last I read on his site, minecraft will eventually be open source.

with linux im gonna set it up but can you change it back from a lnux computer or… no?

Fortresscraft? This is coming out on the indie games section in March :smile:

this but you beat me to it

Nope Sorry Dude : (