Minecraft map help!

Last night I started using this software to get maps. Well, all the sudden this morning my xbox decided not to work and i cant see the map saves ive loaded on the usb stick. The ones I did last night are still there but the new ones aren’t showing up. I can physically see them on Horizon but, can’t on my xbox. I’ve looked all over for a similar problem and can’t find any answers and also when I put my gamer profile on the memory stick and put a save to the usb stick and put it back into my Xbox, my profile is corrupted. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

Do saves that previously worked still work?

And if you go to storage/usb/games/minecraft, do you see any corrupted files?

The other saves on the usb stick still work and no there are no corrupted files except my profile which i’ve stopped exporting since this started because it comes back corrupted every time. Well, that and the fact that horizon has my profile in the program so i dont have to.

Weird. Have you tried reformating the usb flash drive? That might work. Back up any files on it before doing that since reformating removes files.

Ill try it out and let you know! thanks