Minecraft Map Upload

Hey so I watched a video on how to put maps on your minecraft. It said move profile to USB go to horizon and inject file into minecraft under games drop down arrow. I got to horizon and minecraft wasn’t under my games, do I need to move more than my profile?


put the file on desktop and pull horizon up then drag file on horizon click profile and put it on yours… then upload on flash drive :smile:

no more than profile it will screw up flash drive put it on flash drive seach on youtube [URL=“how to get costom worlds on mincraft xbox”]

the same with me:'(

Can sombody mod my bo2 and mw2 and minecraft plz

i don’t get how to upload maps to x-box

I think you have to rewrite the iDs on the world through horizon. Just open your profile in horizon. copy the iDs, erase the ones that are in the world save, and past the iDs into the world and save, then inject the World save to your USB.

EDIT: Found a video for you.

what do you do

Watch the video above your post, follow the instructions and then have fun playing!

yup you do you need 1 minecraft

No you don’t ill do a walkthrough if you need it?

Download modio its easier, and did you run horizon as an administrator?

yes you need to have bought the game in your profile or must have the game

can someone please help… my 6 yr wants new maps/mods & i’m lost! where can i get these to transfer to my profile thru horizon? i found what i thought was some but they were zip, then horizon didnt like their .bin format… please help thanks in advance one flustered mommy :confused:

:help::’(plz help me get minecraft maps :interrobang:

:help::P:’(kant get no maps on minecraft !!!

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I need map edeitors:(

The issue here, which doesn’t seem to have been understood, is once Horizon is running, and the USB drive with the XBOX profile on it is plugged in… Horizon sees the folders on the drive and not the profile, making it impossible to drag a Minecraft save to the required profile. Does anyone know why Horizon isn’t seeing the xbox profile on the USB drive?