Minecraft mod

Hey guys, my little lad wants to ad a mod to his xbox 360. “orespawn” I’m using a MacBook Pro … so i get the general idea is put your xbox id on mac, download mod, take back to xbox and boom… can anyone recommend best platform/ site to do this from… nice one, any help appreciated… thanks…Mrk

The orespawn mod is a PC only mod and is not possible on Xbox versions of the game.

You can download user created maps with some cool stuff, but not with PC mods. You will need a Windows PC or will need to have a virtual machine on your Mac that’s running Windows as Horizon’s only compatible with Windows.

Sorry for the not so great news. But hey, welcome to the site! If you have any more questions just ask.

nice one bro thanks for the info…M

You can not use PC mods on xbox, sorry :confused: welcome though :smile: