Minecraft Mods?

how do i load in a minecraft world with all the achievements? any help???

I’ve never modded minecraft but my guess is your download a 100% map then replace the ids, inject it, and load it up.

how can i fix when my usb doesnt show up on horizon i formated it??? help please

Are you running as an administrator?

Try to plug it in then out for 5 mins it should work then Anyway if u guys have xbox 360 : GamerTag is
IX FASTY XI :smile:

Hey there… any one know if we can upload the crazy craft mod onto an xbox 360, voids warth crazy craft mod???\

you cant use mods for PC on Console, Sorry


how do you get on administrator mode

how do you run as administrator

Right click on the Horizon shortcut icon and choose to “Run as Administrator.”

What if you can’t use your computer?

You are going to need a computer for pretty much any xbox 360 modding.

Well you can’t use horizon without a computer…so bad luck for you I guess

how do I get custom maps on my minecraft and mod it

You can find custom maps by searching youtube or going to some websites that have xbox 360 minecraft maps to get custom maps.

In order to modify the custom maps or modify your own maps you will need to get them on to the pc with horizon if it is currently on the xbox.

Open the save in Horizon and click contents.

Select savegame.dat and extract it to the desktop or somewhere that you can find easily.

Download either “oPryzeLP Mod Tool” which is outdated but lets you do some minor things still or download “MC360 NBT Editor” also made by oPryzeLP; this costs a one time fee of $5 from his site. Worth it if you plan to mod a lot of maps.

Load the savegame.dat in one of those two editors and then replace the old one on the save. Save, Rehash, Resign.

Under Pakage info make sure you fill in your Profile ID, save rehash resign.

Load in the xbox and you are ready to go

how do i download mods for minecraft help

i dont now ether

how do i get to where to downlaod mods

Which site costs five dollars?