Minecraft Server Status Checker (Using Kink's Snippet)

Here are a few screenshots. I’m not posting the source code because if you know how to code, you can look at Kink’s post of his code snippet and go from there. That’s what I did. I don’t need any leechers.

What shows up when the server is offline. If it is online, it will just say “Online”.

It’s a pretty simple design.

Newest Version: Download: MC Server Status Checker.exe

I’m going to make it so that you can input your own port soon enough. I might add a combobox feature that will just remember your recent inputs.

WARNING: This is a bit slow! Don’t exit the program! It’s not frozen!




  • Added ComboBoxes and a button to save IP and Port
  • Perfected DNB
  • Added message box giving credit as deserved
  • Download: MC Server Status Checker.exe

1.2_11 - 2/26/11

1.2 - 2/26/11

  • If the server is offline, the label will turn red as well. If the server is online, the label will turn green as well.
  • Added some DNB stuff just for kicks
  • Added icons
  • Download: MC Server Status Checker.exe

1.1 - 2/26/11

1.0 - 2/26/11

Any feedback? I’m gonna keep working on this to perfect it.

Or you can ping the ip using your CMD :confused:

This is for people that don’t want to/know how to do that. It’s easier.

Make a new text document. Type: “ping www.minecraft.net” without the “”. Then save, select “all files”, Then call it anything.bat

I guess you don’t get it, firstly, this is for checking peoples’ personal servers, NOT minecraft.net’s server. Secondly, you don’t have to be a **** about it.

its okay but the UI is crappy since you used the default windows forms. learn about DotNetBar bro its awzm

I prefer windows forms over dotnetbar. There is nothing wrong with that.

dotnetbar looks better IMO, it makes the program look more “professional”

Well, We both have our opinions. Dotnetbar requires no professional work at all. Anyone can use it. :wink:

The only thing I don’t liek about it is the “Offline” text. Other than that it’s fine. It’s a simple program, it doesn’t need to look fancy.

Its good :smile: Also DotNetBar = Overused I personally like DevExpress >.> Braxton

It’s good for people who can’t use CMD or Kinks snippet themselves.
I would clean up the UI though.

Both are overused. Create your own.

I actually haven’t updated the pictures, but if you look at the changelog it says I changed it to DNB. I should probably change the pictures because it looks nothing like that now.

Oh, that new version looks very nice! Still don’t like the Offline text, but it is better than last time.

You should put your name in like the bottom left corner.

Whats the point of re-releasing something that you took code from?

What? I’m revising some stuff and adding more features and I said I’m using Kink’s snippet. Everyone knows that. And yeah, I’m not sure what shade of red to use for the offline text. I still haven’t been able to find a good shade.

There we go! New version is up with saving of IP and Port ability!

(Sorry for double post)

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Hi, i tried to download the server checker. it said: “This File Has been removed by the owner or Mediafire.” it does it for all versions. can you send me the download that WORKS via email?
lewislovesgames. (Call Me Lewis)