MineCraft | The Ultimate World Seed List!

If you have a seed you wish to share, post it below & I will add it to the list.


Lucifer : A Frozen Wasteland

102 : Lots of Mountains

1337 : Lots of Coal & Iron

404 : A well known seed. Just dig up some of the gravel :wink:

Endor : Disc like mountains

Mountains : Flat Plains & Deserts

omgwtfbbq : Weird Looking Trees

CreeperIsland : A Pretty Epic Looking Mountain

94 : Spawn Near a Lava Lake

8675309 : Spawns You On A Cactus 45% Of The Time

Ocean : A Huge Ocean Lol

3666440496532277820 : Spawns You In A Spider Dungeon

Glacier : Cool Mountains And Over-Hangs

707 : A Large Peninsula

87676765 : A Weird World

Cool Because Were Alien Beef : Another Weird World

More seeds will be coming soon.

Great thread.
Maybe post some images of what the world looks like with each seed?

Very Cool, I am a newb with Minecraft, anyone wanna pm me with like what I should start off doing or playing etc, I am still on the edge of making the purchase

Awesome nice post i love theese seeds.

Yea I’ll work on getting pictures up on here then.

I will use these.

Thanks for sharing

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not actually all seeds since your thread has some that arent there but theres a good amount of them :wink:

Yeah just post those he gave you…

I wonder how people find these seeds…