Minecraft Tool for xbox 360

Minecraft mod " REQUEST " Hey i am wondering if you guys could add a MCTOOL for xbox 360 in Horizon ?
this will be a good idea can

ok Game title ID "584111f7
My world savegame - http://www.mediafire.com/?2cm25549zmw96uc

please anyone can find some mod or tools will be sick !

Please follow the correct format:

Game Title:

Game ID:
(This can be found using the Title ID Finder in Horizon. Tools > Title ID Finder)

Mods Wanted:

Attach two saves extracted from the CON File, if you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.

Additional Comments:(If the Game has Gold/Money or something similar, please included how much, make it a lot easier.)

ok thanks, finish i done .

Already been suggested man. But its alright I guess this newly fresh topic can take charge over my last week one. We need minecraft mods,hacks,glitches, and tricks now!

The game has been out a day, give the dev’s a chance to even play it first.

I looked into some gamesaves, and it is going to take a while to have it figured out.
Because it is totally different than the PC save file.

World files aren’t too different.
Minecraft for the PC just makes a seperate .mcr file where as the Xbox version just make its one file. So if you can decompress it…

i will try descompress it … it`s looks so hard

What exactly would you mod…

gold,diamond, all items etc

Just like the days where we used invedit instead of TooManyitems.

I don’t see why you’d mod all the items, lots of gold, diamond, etc, the whole point of “MINE” craft is to mine the **** and then create things with it, you might as well buy FortressCraft for 240 MSP instead of Minecraft for 1600 MSP if all you’re going to do is play mine craft like fortress craft :S

Any chance of a tool that will allow u to convert pc saves to xbox, and Xbox to pc?

how do you have signatures like that

You are very lost my friend. It’s in your User CP at the top of the page.

I think the game needs more time to settle for Dev’s to take a swing at it. If they don’t, someone will.

inb4 the game is ruined and the developers stop developing it for xbox because ******s ruin the leaderboards and **** instead of just not modding the game and buying a basically pre-modded version of it known as fortress craft.

Sgt and I could take a crack at it. Perhaps incorporate it into our current PC world editor.

No need, 360haven have nearly finished a tool.

You really care too much. And anyway Notch supports mods for his games.

I think Horizon would benefit from a minecraft tool seeing as how many people bought the game.