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Minecraft XB Anyone?

Anyone that wants to play minecraft with me? My gamertag is TheMusicVox.
No kids please. Only 14 years and beyond.

license transfer so that i can play with you looking to make some friends

I want to play my name is CAMRON93 and i got all my girls calling me Daddy
:laughing: :laughing:but yeah im jst the ladies man… Back to minecraft yeah i’ll play

Dont think they are going to reply to you, the topic is one and a half year old.
OP havent been online since that post. You could maybe open your own topic instead of bumping an old one :wink:

@staff Close i guess

ill play I’m 15 and chillin like a villan… my gamertag is Juice30X1601

sure, your wrong because you replied stupid!! :laughing:

How is i wrong, i was referring to OP that he wont get back to you, seems like he have not tho.
Best practise is normally to dont bump old post and instead make a topic of your own.