Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update Happens Tomorrow!

That’s right kids! The highly anticipated update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition happens tomorrow 2 A.M. UTC! There’s tons of RAD new items and tweaks heading your way! The list is long and would take up most of the site to list on the front page so click Read More for all the details on what you can expect in tomorrows update!

[size=9]Source: thetechgame.com[/size]


  • Added Pistons & Sticky Pistons.
  • Added Stackable fences.
  • Added Shears – required to get wool from sheep, and to collect leaf blocks.
  • TNT needs Flint and Steel or Redstone to detonate.
  • Redstone wire will now connect to a repeater.
  • New textures for Cobblestone and Brick.
  • Added Character Skin Selector to allow players to choose their skin from the default skins, or from Downloadable Content skin packs.
  • Added lighting improvements (brought forward from 1.8.2 update) and snow & rain improvements.
  • Added a save file cache to improve the speed of displaying the saves list.
  • Added ban list functionality to allow players to self-ban from levels they feel contain offensive content.
  • Added a ban list section to the How To Play menus.
  • Added an option for the host to limit online games to only players in their friends list (no friends of friends).
  • Added a seed display to the level load screen (requires existing levels to be saved out again to add the display).
  • Changed the tooltip display setting to in-game tooltip display, so that tooltips always display in menus.
  • Added the crosshair to the list of things affected by the opacity slider.
  • On using the quickselect bar, the opacity of the quickselect, tooltips, splitscreen gamertag display, and crosshair will be set to 80,
    and will fade back down to the user opacity setting after 6 seconds of no quickselect bar use.
  • Added some more Tips & Trivia to the loading/saving screen display.

Tutorial World changes & additions:-

  • Added optional tutorial for Pistons and Redstone.
  • Added a self-building bridge to the castle using Pistons.
  • Added some sugar cane, cactii and clay to the world.
  • Added a few other things for players to discover.


  • Fix for only the host being shown the pop-up when any player attempts to place lava near the spawn point.
  • Fixed tooltip for Flint and Steel.
  • Fix for Note blocks not showing notes.
  • Fix for Leaderboard reads taking too long.
  • Fix to block players re-entering a level they have been kicked from, until the level is restarted.
  • Fix to stop players being able to join a game when they are not a friend of any player in the game.
  • Fix for Netherracks re-appearing after being mined.
  • Fix for a rare crash on entering the Nether.
  • Fix for attacking enemies at a different level not damaging them.
  • Fixed a problem causing some save games not to load.
  • Removed Herobrine.

Freakin sweet.

Removed Herobrine? He was never in the game.

So is the update just an update like normal/TU’s/updates for Minecraft and for free and just the character skins will cost MSP correct?

I guess this means that at 9:00 pm Central time that the update will be released.

So basically tonight…

Yea. I’m glad for that too. That means that I don’t have to force myself to stay up for it either.

Anyone know the A to my Q? Also I am looking for a few people to play this with, I am “mature” so of course no fudging stuff up, I just wan’t to play with people all my friends play PC and mine is too haggard for Minecraft.

I think it will come in the form of a TU. Also the skins will cost. They will allow you to choose one of the default ones in the game if you don’t want to pay.

I’d play with you…(no homo)

My gt: kygod

i have a video on this too, for those who do not like to read :smile:

Yes, the update is free, and the skins will cost MSP.

Hit me up anytime, man.

Always on Minecraft :3

Gt: Metriq

Sweet I have been waiting for this update.


Cool, Except I don’t own >_<

I wish they would add creative :confused:

Thats coming out on 1.8.2.

No, some skins will be free.

sofaking excited. PISTONS!!! I wonder if they will add rotors… HA

Only 15 minutes til the big shibang.