Minecraft xbox one

I’m just messing around building crap. If you want to join add me then join my game


I wish I had a Xbox One, do you think you are going to stream some Minecraft today?

That would be awesome.

Let me set it up lol

Yes! I can’t wait.

Check this. If it isn’t working just say

Thanks for watching guys. If you want me to stream more I’m off work for the next four days so can stream again.

Was the quality okay? First time I’ve streamed wirelessly

Quality was great, here and there was a bit laggy, but that’s normal, but 96% of the time it was full HD for me and I enjoyed it, great stream!

Thank Nick. I was working today so I’m a bit tired. Will be sure to add more into my castle/mountain/greenhouse thing haha

Haha no problem, lol yeah we were all wondering what you were building :laughing:

I have no idea. I started it yesterday and was just going to build around the mountain with some water in the sitting room lol that red stone I was using at the end, I’m not sure how to use it hence why I kept messing with it.

Well I like how it looks it looks cool, and yeah I have no idea how to use a lot of things in Minecraft haha