Minecraft360 Seed List [100+]

I have not tried all of these but since these are 1.6 and earlier seeds i’m assuming most of them work
Note-These are case-sensitive meaning if you don’t capitalize where needed it won’t work correctly.
Top 5 Best Seeds
2.Dead Mau5
5.Fight Fight Fight!
Artomix- jungly islands [Tested]
Bambi- Has a very large flat area for building and stuff, a nice big jungle and a pretty gigantic cave system.
i dont care-a giant mushroom biome next to a jungle biome.
109321796-Forest and flatland
2539444-Mushroom biome
89125-Forests and Snow
Cow Killing Montage-Ravines, Forests, Snow
Fight Fight Fight!-Large forest with large cave system [Tested]
IMPORTANT-Great for hardcore mode
Magic School-Huge mountains and caves
Airplanes-Large cave with tunnel
Archespore-Overhangs, Waterfalls, Mountains
Dead Mau5-Floating waterfalls and sick floating mountains[Tested]
lagoon boob
Microsoft Windows XP
Scar Symmetry
Seccond Law Of Thermodynamica
TMI-Captital I not L
Zombie Jesus
Edit, Heres More
177907495 - Long Overhand - Mountains
1385327417 - a lagoon surrounded by tall mountains, overhangs and a lava lake
MODDED - a desert landscape and includes a massive cave
Vevelstad - mountain range, deep caves
Elfen Lied - mountains and overhangs
729 - weird looking mountains like mario
-8388746566455332234 - caves, and floating islands
4238342445668208996 - floating islands and overhangs
965334902297122527 - lava flows, caves
5515274009531393841 - mountain range with lots of trees
Archespore - steep clifs, floating islands
turnofthetides - almost completely flat
beagle bagle - trundra biome, lava
pokeylucky - desert, floating islands
curtis dent - floating islands, overhands, lava lake
1420013959 - floating islands, mountains
1474776471 - icy overhands, large pineforest
1961263745 - mountains and lakes
1541961902 - big overhands, alot of lakes
Quesadila - overhangs, zombie dungeons someonwhere
-6362184493185806144 - lake, lagoon, mountains
5944220116861330522 - forest, deep caves
-780636540 - overhangs
Roughsauce - overhangs, ocean
Diamonds, diamonds everywhere! - floating mountain, lava, zombie dungeon somewhere
Aether Collab - mountains, overhangs and floating islands
-2608611364321170322 - overhangs
-01556767897 - overhangs, desert
-1293644106920865080 - lava fountains, huge caves
Werewolf - trundra biome, skelton dungeons
459722261485094655 - submerged dungeons
1363181899730807241 - araches, caves
5677344492879191995 - cliff, overhangs, lakes, spider dungeon
5682930821 - underground lake, tall mountains
72164122 - skeleton dungeon, lava lake
2409838883250561605 - overhangs, lava flow
Wave Race 64 - Tall mountains, big overhangs
-115144210771600827 - beaches, surface dungeons
-9028489474908844496 - floating islands
9000.1 - waterfall
Ausm - winter world, forest
-2945350671081178213 - floating islands, forest
3666440496532277820 - spider dungeon, desert
-442650539972332399 - mountains, caves, overhangs
Timestamp: 2011-03-02 06:55:36 U - Huge oceans
4042531831790214307 - Overhangs, floating mountains
-6555642694674147910- Overhangs, floating mountains
-1784338777788894343 - huge mountain range
404 - sink hole, caves
[Credit to Mr Pikachuu over at S7NSins for the addded amount]

I will be adding more and descriptions later this is all i had time for.[/b]


Awesome! thanks.

How do you put seeds in the 360 version? And what do you mean since 1.6? I dont think the Xbox has a version at the moment…

When you make new world you just put the seed in lol.

When you create a new world it asks for a seed under the name this is what you put in also this is version 1.6 of the Minecraft Beta thats why there is no Sprinting, Endermen, Adventure, Creative, ect. The team responsible for this game started recoding the whole game up when the latest version was 1.6 and they didnt change it cause its hard to convert Java to C script

What does this seed mean? I don’t get it

Would any of these help me get the “When Pigs Fly” achievement? It’s pretty much the only one I need. :smiley:

Awesome thanks for this!

We had Jungles in Beta 1.6 ?!?!?! Dafuq.

Not full on jungles mostly just clumps of trees on grass and mountains

Heres a link from TTG for a world download, its what i did. Its pretty hard to get it also if you kill the pig the saddle gets lost so make sure to save before you put it on

You put in a seed when you create a new world(under name) certain words or numbers can determine the outcome of your world, for example if you put gargamel as your seed you will have a world with waterfalls canyons and epic mountains where if you put nothing its completely random

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Wow thanks bro i was looking for one of these thereds!

I found the dead mau5 one to be the most utility giving, a bunch of trees and open coal to get you started, I also found a open dungeon and got 3 saddles and some wheat so it certainly helps for the achievement, just need to find a pig on one of these mountains.

If you use the link he gave me it help with that and the 500m track. Unless you were wanting to get them yourself :smile:

Just got the pigs will fly(dead mau5 seed), had to build a trap to get the pigs, then on the other side was a fall into a pit. just broke the blocks and pushed him into the hole while quickly jumping on him. Was a pain in the ass. >.<