Minesource :: Dedicated Minecraft RP Server (24/7 VPS)

[size=25][size=14][i]I know I’ve made a bit of threads regarding Minecraft servers but this is the final one, we have a good VPS and a solid staff. Due to lost records those on the old XboxMB server will have to donate again to get their membership. It is cheaper though.


Server IP:

Server Status:


Server Specs:
Disk Space: 50gb
Bandwidth: 500gb
Dedicated Ram: 2GB
Burst Ram: 4GB

Rules - Minecraft Source RP Server

Post here to be whitelisted.
If I’m not online go here:Guestbook - Minecraft Source RP Server

Donate to get Upgrades:
Web Store - Minecraft Source RP Server

Home - Minecraft Source RP Server

cody white lsit me

Username would help A LOT.

abboz, dont u remember me?

Didn’t realize you changed your name.

ok sry

Aww epic gets nothing now? :<

Could you whitelist me? My username is FilthyHeadshot.

For now no D:
We have to maintain the server at the moment.

In the future maybe :wink:

whitelist me user: xboxhacks

better add me to the staff list homo. and im gonna go buy a 50$ visa card soon

whitelist paintlax21

Im bored can you white list me, Randy_Marsh

both whitelisted

Whitelist please!----> alexxx716

uve been whitelisted

some members can’t build or destroy blocks and they don’t have commands either. you might wanna fix this cody

i can see he is having trouble with the permissions and usergroups :smile:

please white list me im M4X_THE_CR33P3R

Whitelist "Retrixx"
thanks cody