Missing Boost Option for Outdated Trainers

Should there be a boost option for all games? A few games I play do not have an option to boost for an update. One example is Battlefield 4. Plenty of people still play the game/story, but the trainer is out of date where no toggles work.

Games can only be boosted if the testers have confirmed the cheats aren’t working. Allowing all games to be boosted would result in a lot of wasted boosts. Everything is working for me in BF4, are you trying to use the trainer in multiplayer?

Wouldnt the amount of boosts indicate that there are multiple people having issues with the current trainer? Ive tried it in both the story and in a lobby with my friend. Both dont work. Ive tried each game launcher (steam, xbox, etc) and they all result in nothing.

Where did you purchase the game? There are only 2 launchers, Steam and Origin.

No, allowing any game to be boosted would not result in accurate reports. For example, tons of people are using cracked versions of elden ring and the cheat don’t work with it.

The game now downloads through xbox but then launches through origin so i guess youre right. So what do we do for games that need to be updated. Battlefield 4 has many people asking for updates with no response. Clearly the current way its done isnt working

The trainer for battlefield 4 works correctly. Xbox did not purchase Origin. Origin is owned by EA, not Bethesda.

Not sure what else to tell you besides that it does not work. Multiple people have confirmed it does not work. This topic isnt just about BF4 either but games lacking boost options for outdated trainers.

I will be happy to make a video showing all cheats are working for BF4. The trainer is not for multiplayer.

What other games are broken that aren’t in the queue?

Just tried Call of Duty Black Ops. That is shown as an “available cheat”. Doesnt work.