Mist Survival Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I just played mist survival and all of the mods doesnt work, crafting for example and if i take one older update unlimited ammo works but then i loose stamina, thirst etc. But when i take the latest then stamina and all work but not ammo. Crafting was working when i started but now it doesnt work even if i choose older updates. I hope u can fix it guys :slight_smile:


Hi the Mods need updating none working at moment


I wonder if this means Mist is so far down the list again it’s not even showing up as in queue?

hey, just fyi, the best way to let them know about mods not working is to use the happy/sad face wemod shows when you quit a game… click sad face, then you can choose mods not working and it will ask which ones based on the ones you used last.


Oh, yep… did that days ago jonnycat, thanks for mentioning that though - in case someone didn’t know about that…

Game was updated 2 -3 hours ago. May need to update trainer.

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yep needs updating… I ran non-stop and stamina was going down even though the cheat was activated. Health cheat was on, but I stood in one spot and infected killed me so health was going down. Max inventory space definite doesn’t work… turned that on and it stayed at its already set availability.
In short… trainer needs to be updated.

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Weird … I wonder how this queue system works. Mist was #3 in the list, now it’s #9??

If a game gets many boosts it gets a higher priority. (the 3 Arrows)

The Mist Survival cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

US Steam ver, wm 2/8/24 - (wm still warns about game incompatibility.)

TL:DR - no fix or improvement for me between wm 2/08/24 and wm 1/30/24 for

What works for me:

  • Health, Stamina, Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue,
  • Speed, Craft in Workshops (except weapons in workbench)

What doesn’t work for me (but worked with wm 12/10/23)

  • Free Construction (B)
  • Unlimited Clip Ammo (can’t turn on)
  • Unlimited Car Fuel

What doesn’t work for me ( and didn’t work in wm 12/10/23)

  • Inventory, max weight, slot to modify, item count, Weight, Durability

Thanks much MrAntiFun, appreciate all your efforts.


:cry: Sadly still not working for most cheats. No ammo cheat, no easy builds, no stamina etc etc… says may not work with current version.


1stly, thanx guys for all your hard work in making trainers for games, makes it lil easier 4 us to enjoy and play hard games, today am hoping you guys can help with some cheats fixed in mist survival, 1 that use to work with my steam version, was unlimited ammo, doesn’t work anymore plus maybe you can also fix this cheat free build and unlimited gas canisters for the flame thrower plus item count cheat doesn’t work either, doesn’t work at all, no point having that cheat if it doesn’t work, that’s all, thanx again for all your hard work very much Appreciated.


Hi guys, me again, was thinking about mis survival, how a trainer or an in the, like a patch for solar setup for electricity with batteries to run power at night instead of petrol generators, so you can concentrate on building a better base or safe home to survive better.

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Curious what system you’re testing these on prior to release? In my late 50’s and been in some form of IT, Q&A/Dev, etc… since 1985 so I’m more than willing to help test code if you need assistance.


Hey guys, hope your all having fun playing games, was wondering, is it possible to have the trainer for Mist Survival, to be completely overhauled, most of the trainer codes for this game don’t work and especially unlimited clip ammo does not work at all anymore since the game version was updated and made to look more different then before, everything bout that game has been stuffed up, please guys fix this real soon, would be much appreciated.

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then prepare to wait

Mist Survival.

In the current version Unlimited Ammo shuts off as soon as the game starts. The second Mod that’s causing issues is the Unlimited Durability Mod, when you go into your Inventory to see the results it shows all items at 100% and the game then crashes.

with new engine updates comes with more issues

PLease can u fix the issues is almost the samea as before only Godmode etc works but crafting and ammo doesnt still and the other options that u can multiply or make it 500% but still doesnt work and u updated it, soon as u updated it still doesnt work the mods, please fix them :slight_smile: