Mist Survival Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Free Construction (B)
Unlimited Clip Ammo (can’t turn on)
Unlimited Car Fuel

these don’t work for me as well and also weight and Durability don’t work

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The Mist Survival cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Thanks for the great job but crafting is still a issue but some of the previous that didnt work, works now so better then before :slight_smile:

Which version of Mist Survival does the most recent version of WeMod cover?

The latest versions.

yeah im takin a Mist breather. heads up… I still cant get unlimited ammo to work. marked it as such in the app.

Hi MrAntiFun Please Add These Cheats to Mist Survival Thank You.

1 - No Reload
2 - One-Hit Kills
3 - Unlimited Ammo
4 - Unlimited Arrows
5 - Unlimited Oxygen
6 - Unlimited Durability

So it was in queue, got down to 3… and then disappeared? jinkies seems like we have a mystery.

They don’t work for me too… =/

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Yeah im thinkin its on the back burner…