MMM3000 'Gaming Headset'

That is crazy.

Aha, a device so you can end up like this.

That was possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.

They will need to make one for all the FAT ****ING people who will want this…

Stupidest thing I have ever seen, he looks like a special needs child when wearing it.


What is he eating?

That was insane how the military showed up right on 0.

Not going to lie that was pretty awesome with the delivery and boxing but it’s seriously just for lazy people. Like is it that hard to reach for a bag of chips or whatevr that’s right in front of you?

Chicken I think.

The delivery was more awesome than the actual helmet IMO.

I just want the box that everything came in because it looks ****ing sweet.

I know this was about bringing the community together and stuff but…

  1. He looks absolutely ridiculous wearing it
  2. Surely it would be much easier to just eat normally than use that abomination