Mod for me please

Hey, I have these 2 mods (one of them has a thing with it so it works with dlc) and I need someone to mod for me because I am not the most technically smart person. So, if you are down with doing this for me please email me at, thank you.

Yeah, no. Just no.

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Read my reply from the other thread first @jonnerjon.

Mods from the Nexus like Realistic Needs & Diseases do not work on Xbox 360. The only “mods” that work for the console version are “console commands”

If you can come up with a list of commands you want on a savegame, then I will create a new pre-character creation save for you with your commands. You just need to do the legwork and compile a list of what you want.

Go to this website, it has every bit of information you need to get a command list going.
The following is what your list should look like, post that, and I’ll take care of the rest.

player.additem 000CC848 1
player.additem 000C8915 1
player.additem 000C8917 1
player.additem 0006851E 100
player.additem 0006851F 100
player.additem 00068520 100
player.additem 00068521 100
player.forceav dragonsouls 999
player.teachword 0002F7BB
player.teachword 0002F7BC
player.teachword 0002F7BD
player.setav health 3000
player.setav magicka 99999999

**Note: Please note if an item is from DLC, like so:
player.additem XX005A69 (Dawnguard)

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Hey man,

I dont suppose you would be able to create a pre-character creations save on xbox 360 for me with some modded stats?

I did message you on your youtube page.

I don’t see any notifications from anything besides First We Feast on my youtube lol.

PM me on here instead.