MOD for Styx: Masters of Sahdows and Of Orcs and Men

Both of these games are underrated in my opinion and are excellent stealth, story, and replayable. I’d like to see mods added to both of these games to max out skills, unlimited potions/weapons, god mode, unlimited stealth, etc.

I have posted my desire to get this game modded, you can see I put every point i had into getting it modded. Please everyone help me out and get Styx Modded.

Trainers is made by demand. If enough people want the trainer its going to be made.

And i dont think its allowed to made topics about what people should vote, so please dont do that.

Its also a old topic, rather start a new one instead of bumping a really old one :slight_smile:

I believe this should be closed @Chris?
OP made the topic before the point system i think.
Making this irelevant.

Yes My Apologies, I didn’t realize it was against the rules but i was advised not to again and i will not :slight_smile:
thanks to the mods

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Not sure if you seen they are both added for voting, and i agree, excelent game indeed.