Mod Zombie Black Ops ONLINE After TU11!

No release for now…


If this is legit, then good work. Don’t release it.
If it’s not, go die in a fire.

Looks sweet but I don’t speak french

****in’ French people man.

Gonna guess requires a jtag to infect yourself on retail…Something along those lines.

Edit: If it is released I pray to lord it’s kept in premium forums.

couldnt have said that better myself

if this is legit and is being released then this may give me some reason to play call of booty black c**ks again

Yes, requires a jtag to infect on retail :smile:

invite me send friend request do anything gt b1gmamma123

I invite just my friends, sorry :confused:

Why you don’t like french people ? >.<

To be fair there’s no Point you talking French most of the people on Youtube/Xboxmb,
speak english and cannot understand french but if you can talk in english use it.

-nice vid + mods.

i don’t speak english very well so i speak french :smile:

Uhmm… looks like it’s all bull-spit… for 1… if you were playing onlineee wouldn’t there be ‘voice’ icons when the other players talk… correct me if i’m wrong…
and if i’m right then tell me you played a 4 player game onlineee with no mic’s yeah… you’re legit. secondly… if this was online and you wanted to prove it… don’t you think you would have showed the lobby starting… you obviously have recording capabilities why cut out such an " un-challenge-able " clip?

He’s from France, what language you expect him to speak? Spanish? And obviously French people can understand a little bit of English, not enough to be talking to them on a modding site though.

No Sh*t.

This video is very questionable but who knows.

Then why say there is no point in him speaking French? It’s his first language, don’t judge him.

This could have easily been edited

  1. We were in a group of friends.
  2. How we can play in split-screen with 4 players ???
  3. I’m legit but you can think the way you want.

Should’ve added subtitles.

Because their isn’t, whats the point of sharing a FRENCH video, on a site with over 100,000 members who’s main language is ENGLISH. We can see that he’s modding zombies, yes. But he’s probably explaining to us what exactly is going on, but guess what? We can’t understand it.

This might be hard for you, but use your brain.