Modathon #1

This Monday (April 9, 2012), unknown and I are hosting the first modathon event for 24 hours straight. We’ll be modding games and programming Horizon starting at 10:00 AM EST and ending the following day at 10:00 AM EST :thumbsup:

If you have your own projects that you want to work on, join us! I’ll be hosting a chat on AIM, so post your screen names here if you’re interested.

It’s gunna be epic.


Aim: BungieDev

Aim: Cortimonster

This should be pretty awesome

AIM: jakeman8888
This should be interesting.

AIM: TrentsMods

Sounds fun, hopefully i can learn from this :smile: (still a noob at coding lol)

livestream itttttt
edit: I don’t have any projects but I’ll be doing the fapathon simultaneously. :smiley:

How about you get that guy gabe_k on to do some work :smiley:

I have so manyyyyyyyyy projects to work on but don’t know which one to start on

aim: dazza8199

He finished working here :anguished:

aim: tocoolforyou22

AIM- i360Horizon

AIM: MochaxZ
GATOR wants to get in on this to and told me to post his AIM: gatorshoes22
This gives me a reason to finish working on the real time editing tools I gathered research for.

Sounds pretty cool! :laughing:

AIM: pavmanttg

Thanks, Cheatz.

AIM: leetsauce342

Lezz do thiz boyz.

I will be there.

Wtf happened to Gabe…

aim: Matt Bond

I have way to many projects I just give up… haha

AIM: itzelevatiionz2

Oh, and I think we all knew it was gunna be epic. :wink:


is it just a big convo?
if it is ill join but tbh I doubt ill be broadcasting what im doing much.

Cheater are you guys going to live stream it or just chat?

My AIM names never work very well because I’m not sure what it is lol so use my email