Modded APKs

i was wondering if anybody knows how to make Modded APKs for android games like one i have for Fallout shelter that makes your Caps go up when you make things instead of down same for stimpaks and rad away ,
also has unlimited power food and water. I find they make the games a bit more fun which is why i ask

you can find a save file for it with 1000 lunchboxes

idk about all that

I believe it is kinda similar to xbox360 modding, you dump game files, analyze them in IDA, find what you’re looking for and then use other special tools to repack the apk and distribute it.

I was involved in the android game cheats scene (didn’t make them myself, just ran a site) and i don’t ever want to comeback to that. The android scene is full of spammers, the game devs are really anal about someone modding their game and a lot of headache - a lot of money in it though.

My friend wrote a basic guide on Android reverse engineering(Games) with various methods if you are interested in that.

@STN dont think i got the brains to do it and

@Dustin I found one with 9999 to use

Rooting/jailbreaking a device allows you to use cheatengine replicas

I made a modded apk were you can buy infinite lunchboxes and you can get caps through them use Lucky Patcher btw it helps