Modded cars online?

Does anybody have a few rare cars on gta that they would like to give to me? :smile: Does anybody also have the tow truck?

eheh funny guy

I have the Go Go Monkey Blista, Dukes o’ Death, Lost Slamvan, Topless Casco, and the Roosevelt. Let me know if you’d want any of these, anybody.

I’d like them :smile:

Well, since you guys have mentioned vehicles that are exclusive to the next-gen. version of GTA:V than I’ll assume you’re on next-gen.


Yeah I’m sorry :anguished:

Has anyone figured out an effective way to duplicate the cars? The engine fire glitch never seems to work for me or my friends.

Anyone caught with the Lost Slamvan at the end of April will be perm banned from rockstar servers. Just a warnning for all those with it sell it asap

can I get the lost slamvan my gamer tag is TMT SNIPERS

can we still do this im next-gen and 360

Source ? I doubt this is true.

Didn’t this get patched, every time you get in it, it blows up.

R* never perma-bans for glitching cars in garages, they just remove/blacklist them (or in the Dukes o’ Death’s case, explodes once you get in it. Clever new way to “Blacklist” it :wink: ) So show proof, or I’m saying that’s bogus.

It got patched on PS4, the update isn’t out on Xbox that hot fixes the Dukes. It will soon though…

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