Modded GPD = Instant Ban? Better Read

Well as many of you know, there is yet another way around the latest GPD patch.
If you don’t know, it goes a little like this:

Courtesy of me

The thing is…
Treyarch finally wised up and said, “Why the f**k do we keep making patches to chase around these modders and clean up their mess? Instead, let’s jut ban the ****heads.”

So now what happens?..

Well, if you decide to get on Call of Duty Black Ops with a modified GPD in your profile, you better not even think about touching that Xbox Live portion of the game, because the moment you do, you will be banned on your account.

This is confirmed.

In summation: If you try to get in a XBL game with modded GPD, you get teh ban-hammer.
And it’s permanent.

Thank if I saved your life <3 lul

You sir, win.

yea, they were fun while they lasted.

is it a permaban or temporary?

Fun while lasted, maybe something else will pop up.

Permanent ban.

So you don’t even get one game or 2? Thats all I want to do.

So if you have modded custom class names that doesnt count right?

lol great man :thumbsup:

Who even knows, I’d just stay away from it.

This is confirmed and true. I suggest nobody tries this as you will be banned. I am going to sticky this post as well for reference.

You won’t get banned for modded custom classes.

Modded .gpd = ban. So if modded custom class names are in a .gpd file then you will be banned.

I have had a modded gpd for like the last month and yet still no ban. How is this? lol

Thank the lord above(: I <3 My Classes(:

if u posted this an hour earlier i wouldnt have gotten banned. oh well

Good information, Thank you! If you already got banned, time to make a new GT!:thumbsup:

But if it’s my fist time, will i be let off with a 48 hour ban? Because i have been getting mixed answers of: I’m perma banned and i’m temp banned?
So which is it? (I did zombies btw)

This ban is as of today.
Getting on BO with a GPD that has binds in it will land you a perm ban.

this explains why i cant get on