Modded skeleton horses?

I recently saw a video posted by someone who goes by the name of Broadbent.His video showcases 2 modded horses (Undead and the skeleton horse).This mod was created by Broadbent and CausticProductions but still leaves me clueless to how they had done it.If anyone has enough modding knowledge or can find a tutorial please post it below.


Tutorial w/ download:

This is just a tut on how to download not how to do it to your own world

This needs to be very outdated… They added those horses to “vanilla” minecraft a few updates ago… And you can spawn them through commands blocks.
Just do this:
Step 1: (You must have cheats). Type in on chat, /Give (Your player name) 137

Step 2: Place the block anywhere and right click on it, type in on it:

If you want a tamed Zombie horse type in: /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:3,Tame:1}

If you want an untamed Zombie horse type in: /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:3}

If you want an untamed Skeleton horse type in: /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:4}

If you want a tamed Skeleton horse type in: /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:4,Tame:1}

Step 3: Use Redstone to power it by adding some Redstone and a lever.

Step 4: Activate it and enjoy your horse!

I think he’s talking about Xbox minecraft.

Ah okay, I guess the xbox version isn’t as up-to-date as the pc one.

You could probably use an inventory mod tool and add a spawn egg or something for them perhaps if they are hidden horses.

Quick google search shows something called “Sans spawn eggs” can be used to modify a spawn egg added in to your inventory and then you can add as many undead/skeleton horses as you like. I don’t see any item values yet though.

Edit: Not seeing any ID for it on the official ID list, they possibly took a pc modded map and converted it to xbox 360 using the oPryzeLP Mod Tool.

Might be able to use command blocks in an update coming up as they are showing the skin for the Command Block cube already since TU13. Or perhaps the modder used the ID block for the command block and has used that to bring it in to the world. If that is the case it is block ID 137

Someone suggests that NBT Explorer was used to change the horses ID

Yeah,cheers for everyone’s help.He recently released a tutorial using NBT Explorer.
Cheers for everyone’s help and hope you all had a great christmas

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