'Modder' tweaks Destiny to feature infinite ammo

[/img]Whether you want to call it a mod, a hack, an exploit or a cheat, the fact remains that the players seen in the videos below the break have found a way to slay moon wizards in Bungie’s recently-launched open-universe shooter Destiny with the aid of unending bullets.

Before you get too riled up, know that this stunt does not seem to be very widespread. The comments following each of the below videos lack any sort of information on how to accomplish the feat, and most responses left by the people behind these clips are too busy justifying infinite ammo as anything other than cheating to explain how they made things work. “Since I modified the amount of ammo I have in my clip, it’s a mod,” wrote impressively self-assured YouTube user 0neThatsExiled in lieu of any word on how the game was “modified.”

Happily, since existing examples do not explain how to duplicate this tweak, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter the issue within Destiny before the quality assurance team at Bungie has time to obliterate this unintended gameplay issue. Hopefully these self-described modders are enjoying their brief moment of online infamy.

Source: TheTechGame.com

I bet the modders have 30 s#!tbuckets in the closet. The game got boring to them real quick after they beat it.

Power to this man who made the mod only took 3-4 days

Infinite ammo mods are only useful if you have **** aim.

I play on 7 sensitivity and I still have good aim. #KontrolFreak

Ammo is so abundant I don’t see a reason for a mod like this unless you either majorly suck at aiming (1:20 hit to miss ratio) or try to solo a Strike well above your level. Even if you do solo a Strike there are always mobs that respawn and drop ammo. The game itself is pretty easy. It’s only when you make stupid mistakes or get mobbed that you die.

Next thing you know it we’ll start seeing god mode lobbies… I hope not

is memory dumping and finding ammo value and modifying it really worth making actual news topic about it? This game isnt different from any other game of course there will be mods for it.

Except how would you mod a game that is all server side? You would have to have an online jtag/rgh it sounds like to do that.

I mean if it was unlimited for the rocket launcher then fair play, but for the main guns ammo is easy to find.

I hope this game doesn’t get ruined like GTA.


This is why next gen is pretty good right now.

This. Hopefully we won’t see new current generation mods for years to come.

Infinite Ammo? No problem