Modding Achievements Before Joining Xbox Live

Hey guys, new user here!

I recently lost my xbox account so I’m making a new one. I’ve done a little bit of research and want to do this as safe as possible, therefore I want to ask the community before purchasing diamond membership.

There’s always a chance to get caught, yeah… but. What if you mod your achievements before joining xbox live? How can they possible find out? Of course, I’m not modding 100,000 GS then joining live, but in a small amount…

Do you think it will work? Or should I join live and timestamp them / even them out = safer?

I believe achievements are reset once you join Xbox Live

They do not get reset when you connect to Xbox live. If you unlock an achievement offline that is an online achievement then that’s how they will know you modded it. Chances are very slim if you do it right.

So if I mod the achievements in right order, don’t unlock offline achievements online and don’t mod like 50,000 GS then it should be very safe?

That seems like a good idea but you should keep in mind that some achievements can only be unlocked online.

For example, Black Ops 2 achievement for reaching level 10 in multiplayer. Obviously, you can’t unlock that offline.