Modding achievements for windows phone games

Hi, i never used horizon to unlock achievements and i wanted someone with much more knowledge than me to answer some questions.

I wanted to unlock the remaining achievements for my windows phone games because the achievements i’ve unlocked legitimately won’t synch anymore. I don’t want to cheat but on may 15 there will be the dismission of the windows phone so i might don’t have enought time to replay those games. Windows phone games achievements have online stamps, even if you unlocked them withou being connect to the internet because they use the phone’s time and date. So, can i use horizon to unlock online these achievements (1-2 every day with different times, not more) without being banned sooner or later?
Will they be recognized as modded if my profile synch windows phone achievements when i log in online with the xbox 360?

Thank you

I too would like to know this.

Since some Windows games share similar app packages (for example AC Pirates). Wonder if Horizon can mod these games as well?

I tried GFWL, and ACP didn’t seem to recognise so mustn’t be using GWFL for acheivement syncing.

Just copied my profile GPD from my 360, marked a Windows Phone achievement as unlocked in Horizon, then copied it back. On my 360 it shows the achievement as unlocked, but it doesn’t seem to be able to sync to XB Live.
Even tried a few methods to “trigger” a profile sync, such as changing my avatar, etc.
I suppose could try unlocking an achievement on the 360?

Ler me know if you find a way to unlock wp games

Nothing I’ve tried so far seems to work. I think WP achievements look to be the same as XB1 achievements (which refuse to sync from a 360 to XB Live).
I suspect MS has it wired that only achievements that can be unlocked on a device will sync from that device.

A shame really. My WP just died, leaving me with a couple games I won’t be able to complete prior to the shutdown (not enough time to have a new phone shipped). The real BS thing is, a couple of those completions I actually met all the requirements. Just the games in game trackers glitched, so I had to try start again on a new save. This server closure is BS.

Not sure how they pull the milliseconds. Perhaps by viewing the page source when looking at the game?

tell me about it hey.
the 360 ones unlocked with horizon sync though?

wonder if a service like one of these could unlock WP achievements?

They don’t explicitly mention it. But they may be willing and able. Might be the last option.

The same thing happens to me, they don’t load and time is running out