Modding Achievements Using Timestamps

I’m not sure if this question has been asked before, but I’d like to know;

What’s the best way to unlock achievements using the online timestamp method?

I unlocked a couple of achievements using the achievement unlocker, spaced out the timing on on the timestamps so it was obvious that I didn’t get them within seconds, but the problem was I realized I didn’t give myself enough time in advance to log back on to XBL to prove that I was online. In fact, I was offline when these said achievements were “unlocked online”.

I hope this isn’t confusing to understand, but I couldn’t find a legitimate answer anywhere on the forums and I’d like some insight.

Please let me know how much of a problem this could cause me or if I’m just overreacting.


You’re overreacting.

I do this all the time and have never gotten reset on any of my 3 accounts in over 5 years with Horizon or the ProfileEditor. As long as you spread it out and do no more than 1-2k a day in the right order, you’ll be fine.

If you specified the time you probably missed the milliseconds. They’ll all show up as zero. There are programs that simply scan your achievements and show up the time. It’s a give away that you modded them. There are threads on the subject on this site. You might want to search and read those discussions.

New to the site, old posts I know. But maybe a link to these threads may be helpful, there are hundreds of threads hard to find the right one.