Modding Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Found out how to mod money, should I make a tool for it?
Game comes out tomorrow.

Sure, would save a lot of posts that might want this.

Yes please Cody

Way ahead of you babe (; My florins are outa this world.
Plus I found some nice offsets for the multiplayer .xex :smile:

ya sure

Is there a checksum?

Good thing I don’t have to worry about you making an app xD

Hahahaha ikr.

Lmfao, on a ubisoft single player game?

Brotherhood has multiplayer

Andddd we’re talking about single player mods.
Thanks for you’re un-needed input.

I would love you if you made a tool for this game <3

a tool for brotherhood would be lovely thanks

Smiffy, Old Timer or not - don’t flame.

Gimme Half is a respected member and you have 52 posts? Who cares if he spelled something wrong.

As for the tool, I think the members would find it very useful. :smile:

Not to mention the fact that I have some of the best spelling/grammar on the site.
I just smoked a huge L, go look at my other posts and then criticize my grammer you stupid fuk.

Creed Epic or not don’t act all high and mighty due to your status because your not a moderator.

Your all 3 respected members but we have no high place on this website :S

Better correct that or Smiffy will jump you and feel good about himself.
Any progress on the tool?

A singleplayer tool would be nice. No MP mods, please. Bad enough Jtags can go online again…

yes its a good game better when modded by cody

Please help. Tried to hexedit AC Brotherhood and had no luck. Any help would be welcome. Thanks, D

I’m making a tool for it later on today. Just wait.