Modding Forza 4- Ban Questions

  1. If you are banned for modding credits- are you banned from auction house and storefront, or everything? (online racing, clubs, etc)
  2. Who in here has been banned for modding Forza 4? How much did you mod?
  3. Any suggestions on how to mod and not get banned?

Mod only your money.
Mod like 10mil - That’s it.
Modding your level is pretty much an instant ban.

Banning = Banned from clubs, storefront and auction house. That’s it. Can still race online.

there was a way how to get unbanned but i don’t know if it still works or not

You can mod your level, your stats, unlock anything that horizon will let you, and your money and it’s not an issue. I’ve done it all and have not been banned - I only modded my level to 67 because that’s where I was legit before my profile ate it…

The best way to mod your credits is to go offline on your console, then move your game save into a USB and mod your money in increments of 10 million CR. then go in game and buy as many Ferrari GTOs as you can before returning to online. Now when you need CR, simply sell a GTO back to the game… 5 mil is enough for just about anything mind you…

I modded my credits slightly, then when i jumped on after a while from not playing, i got the message that my console was flagged for hacking credits, but it was just not my console also my profile, as i still could not do anything online related from a different console…So since i needed a new console i created a totally new xbl account and have started over…This time no hacking of any sorts

Valkyrie x23- You were not banned from online racing were you?

I modded 999,999,999 (now cut to 100,000,000) and lv 150 when the game first came out, no bans.

Amazingly i was still able to do both public and private online racing, but as far as auction house, rivals, uploading to, was all disabled

you must have gotten really unlucky and done it during their credit sweeps without going offline. I’ve not been talked to about it, but it’s been a while since I modded my credits. I simply have no need for it now.

someone bought a car from me for 999,999,999 XD and it got cut to 100,000,000 D: why would they do that? what if it was legit LOL
and u get banned from all the things that you can buy content from such as the auction house & storefront.

With those auctions, don’t resolve them so you don’t get in any trouble. If you resolve, they will look at your account too because they think you may know the buyer.

At the time they did the credit cuts, and even now, there is no way that amount of money would be legit, so they cut people that were so high to 100,000,000 which is more than enough to buy whatever you want.

I had someone mod my main account to get all unicorn cars, as soon as I popped online I was banned.
I was banned from SF, AH, Rivals, and clubs. I was banned from online racing however I was still able to race in public and private user created races.
I then made a second account and everything worked again then yet again they caught me and permabanned me so I ended up just buying a new xbox because I needed a new one anyways.

I don’t know what you guys are doing wrong, but such bad luck. Next time you mod something whether it’s unicorns or credits or whatever, make sure you disconnect your console from the internet, make your changes, put everything back and play a bit, then reconnect…

I recall getting Banned from Forza 4 for Modding waaaaaayyy to much Money, mind you I simply used the backup of the save I had with my Original money and I was unbanned. I have no idea how it works but it did! Worth a try, and I’m able to mod myself 300 Million and have no Issues, also I’ve modded my level up overtime with no problem!