Modding more than 1,000c (Reach)

First, you want to visit your played games. You can do so by visiting this Link.

Then scroll down to Halo Reach, if you have a lot of games, don’t want to find it,
running Google Chrome, hit ctrl+f, and type halo.

Check your last played date,

(Mine was 161 days ago, which allowed me to gain 160,000 credits.)

Then calculate the difference from today, and that day.
You can that through this site:

Mine was, again, 161 days.

Then open Horizon, as well as the Halo Reach credit editor.

Open your profile.

For the number of credits you want to add, insert a number before your given one.
(Mine was 161, so I put 160000) then click add.

Save, rehash, and resign.

start up Reach(OFFLINE) and wallah look at dem credits.
Then connect to Xbox Live, and they should be there.


I did the same thing awhile back. I didnt play reach for like 2 months so i added like 60k credits

O Dang Good find

kinda worried about a ban with this, tell me how this works for you though.

Last played 9/30/10
LOL I modded 241,000 cR

but basicly if you only played one day ago you still can only add 1000 right? lol

Yep, but I know there is some people who haven’t played in a while.

dam i modded the acheivs last night so it thinks i played yesterday lmao!

If you get caught could they console ban you? Or ban your Xbox Live account?

I’d assume it’d be a cR ban or something… Although with what Bungie pulled over service tag mods i would put nothing past them.

It worked :smiley:

No, because they have no idea if you gained credits offline.

Awesome worked :smile:
(Well I didn’t know how many I started with?)

Is there any way we could change our last played date?

What if you played it say 2 days ago but didn’t earn any credits but before that you didn’t play for like a month? Could you still add over a month worth of credits or can you only add as many since the last time you played?

Nao I can mess with all the little kiddies and be like blah I get 2833848448 cr every 3 weeks :smiley:

I thought everyone already knew this…And you’ll probably get credit reset and locked.

i thought everyone knew to, and if you get caught they will only credit ban you.



No, only for recent last played days. Due to your credits already being synced.