Modding MW3 on xbox360 (Getting my Stats back)

I have recently been deranked again for about the 5th time and was looking towards Horizon to see if I could put my multiplayer stats back to normal. I have downloaded my multiplayer progress but I can’t seem to find anyway of opening it or editing it, the Mod Package button remains greyed out, can you advise me how to get started . This is my first post apologies in advance if it ends up in the wrong place.

Cant advise on how to cheat in multiplayer. These cheats n stuff are for singleplayer use

Horizon doesn’t have an editor for everything. And what you are looking for is not possible, everything is stored on a server somewhere. Save editing is for singleplayer.

Thank you for your response, I’m not really interested in cheats as such, just getting my hard earned levels back. Activision and xbox wont do anything.I just assumed that as there appears to be so many people out there offering to repair my stats that thru the medium of an editor it might have been possible to do it myself, clearly if you want to cheat, there are those that can give you 80 prestige and open all achievements guns perks etc and that’s for multiplayer, i’ll have to go another route then.

Thanks again.

SOrry bro. But u CAN use a RGH/JTAG if u wanna mod online XD. That’s literally the only way. u know… KV’s, stealth servers bla bla bla…