Modding problem

I was modding my dead island characters Logan and Sam B with game saves when I put the saves back on the xbox only the Logan save was there? I believe the problem is because they both have the same profile device and console id (obviously) but is there anyway to fix this? Having more than one modded save on a console for the same game? I don’t want to have just one modded account, I like to play with other characters too.

Possibly keep one on your flash drive and the other on your hard drive? I’m not sure as I haven’t played or modded Dead Island in quite some time but it might work.

Hypothetically speaking, for a research paper and a school project for my friend, if someone where to flash drive their xbox slim using Benquick and a ck3 probe, after they download using the proper software and they wanted to burn it to a disc…would any xbox be able to play that disc? or would it only be other flashdrived Xbox’s? Or just that particular xbox with which you extracted the key for that disc? Someone please enlighten me. My friend would be much obliged! -D