Modding request

I’m in need of two saves being modded so I can return to playing Skyrim in the fun way I’ve grown used to. I’ve uploaded the saves and batch files for both, all DLC is needed, have had trouble in the past with getting the Lycos save modded where codes didn’t seem to want to work. If the load order of DLC needs to be the same, mine is Dawnguard 02, Hearthfire 03, and Dragonborn 04 for the XX part of any codes, I’ve edited the parts with the items appropriate DLC code, but have had issues where some items didn’t seem to work when others have modded in the past.

Batch file:

Batch file:

What exactly are you wanting someone to mod? The reason I ask is because you dont have a detailed description of what you want modded. Anybody who reads this post will ask the same thing I just did.

Someone with Skyrim on PC will download his save, and run the attached batch files to input the console commands he wants.
They just need to have all DLC and list the xx in the ID’s to match the order in which they installed the DLC.

Bump, anyone willing to help?

Lycos Save:
Tygon Save:

Ran both bats for each character and saved, everything should be in place.

Awesome! Thanks, just checked them out. The Tygon one works perfectly, but somehow I think I messed up some codes for the Lycos save, just the skill setting, not sure how I messed up but codes to set non-main used skills to 1 didn’t work for it. Any chance of reloading the save you uploaded and running the following codes just to see if they work?

player.setAV Destruction 20
player.setAV OneHanded 20
player.setAV Marksman 20
player.setAV Lightarmor 20
player.setAV Smithing 20
player.setAV Sneak 20
player.setAV Lockpicking 20
plater.setAV Alchemy 20
plater.setAV Pickpocket 1
plater.setAV Speechcraft 1
plater.setAV Alteration 1
plater.setAV Conjuration 1
plater.setAV TwoHanded 1
plater.setAV Block 1
plater.setAV Illusion 1
plater.setAV Restoration 1
plater.setAV Enchanting 1
plater.setAV HeavyArmor 1

Probably because you have Player typed up as Plater :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go for Lycos:

Thanks, not sure how I missed that. Glad someone could see the mistake I made. Heaps of thanks for the help :smile:

Not a problem :smile: