Modding resident evil 6[Help]

ok before you all go ape**** and hate on me for asking for help…

1.I have read the detailed tutorial
2.I am not complaining that the tool doesn’t work. it works great
3.this problem may just be on my end

now with all that out of the way…

I’m having some trouble editing the ammo values for the bear commander and afterwards it seems I can’t reload the weapon [Jake and sherry]

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for trying to find the answer before posting, but never be afraid to post for help if you cannot find what you need :smile:

Perhaps you are imputing a value that is too high for the ammo count? I know I did that before and got the same result that you are currently experiencing.

if the value for the ammo counts of bear commander are too high, what are the sample values I can put in for the gun?

does value 1 have to be multiples of 30?
while value 2 has to be under 20?

also need to explain to me why the gun can’t reload on no hope left