Modding Skyrim for FREE

[size=35]So, I’ve been feeling generous as of late. I’ll mod any save files you want,so yes I can mod levels, skills, items, and ect. With my method, you will get ALL achievements as if the save wasn’t modded at all.

If you want proof that my method works, I will make a Youtube video showing my character if wanted.[/size]


Ok here mod mine, thanks

Download Link:

All map markers
Raise all skills to 100, so i get perks please.
Skeleton Key (0003A070) x1
5900 rating on all skills
Ebony Ingot (ID 0005AD9D) x9999
One hit kill weapons:
~ Blade of Woe (ID 0009CCDC) x1
~ Wabbajack (ID 0002AC6F) x1
~ Daedric Bow (ID 000139B5) x1
Unlock ALL Shouts
Cool down for shouts: Zero

Here you go
I also added a few more things and I had to fix your save as well.

@Out to Lunch: There are other topics for modding requests and they are all free so putting “free” in your topic title is pretty stupid.

Also, with you having only 1 post and this being your first one doesn’t really give you a good reputation.

And what “method” is this? You make it sound so difficult even though all you need is Skyrim PC.

You seem to handle it over here. The people on Hack Forums are a bit more appreciative. :smile:

Could you pm me the method for PC please to use it on xbox please cos i will be able to do this also, to help more around XMB.
Also thanks for the save will test soon, cheers.

Can you please re-mod my save please and remove the stupid things you have added to it, like the chicken and that.
And please add the things i requested.
Everything is fine a part from the chicken, i have no skeleton key, i have no 1 hit weapons, and dont have all shouts.
apart from that everything else is fine.
Please fix this thanks.

First off, you don’t need that key since there is a perk for unbreakable lockpicks (and you have more than enough perk points and the skeleton key doesn’t work with every lock)

Second, its just a giant chicken, be grateful that someone modded your save.
I don’t take requests, I just tried helping someone out and if you don’t like it then kill it.

There always is the option of modding it yourself.

could you just make me level 49 and my magic and stealth perks 95? and llke infinite or max perk points? much appreciated :smile:

Save 133 - Hathor the Brave Skyrim .exs

could you make me a mod that is PRE character creation?

100,000 money
infinite carry weight
all shouts/magics/powers/spells, etc…unlocked INCLUDING the developer ones, the ones that were removed from the game
ZERO shout cooldown
all items/apparels, rare clothes, weapons…
1,000 health, magic, stamina
1,000 on ALL skills
All skill perks UNLOCKED
skeleton key
all map markers/all maps unlocked
pre CC
increase character speed by 20%

Can I just have all Items of the Nightengale?
000FCC0D - Nightingale Boots (Wearer is muffled and moves silently.)
000FCC0F - Nightingale Armor
000FCC11 - Nightingale Gloves
000FCC12 - Nightingale Hood (Illusion Spells cost 17% less to cast.)
000F6526 - Nightingale Blade 05 ( More Powerful )
000F652C - Nightingale Bow 05 ( More Powerful )

Heres the save. Save 235 - x Elysian x Riften 48.54.exs

is he adverdising hack forums?

No he is very nicely saying. People here (you and others) are being ****s to him when he is just trying to do something nice for us.

:expressionless: agree.

already done, but thanks :smile:

not possible to do before charecter creation.

Here’s my Save Link. Thank you!

Save 214 - Xodias Skyrim 76.43.10.exs

I would like

All map markers
One hit kill weapons:
~ Blade of Woe (ID 0009CCDC) x1
~ Wabbajack (ID 0002AC6F) x1
~ Daedric Bow (ID 000139B5) x1
Unlock all shouts powers and magic :smiley:
cool down for shouts : zero
3500 weight

If you could can you get me all the rare weapons?

Thanks alot!

Correction - very possible to do, you do have a small time frame.
But to be honest, the creation of bat files and console commands needed for this save is just to huge and time consuming to create.

Not trying to flame or anything - but has he modded any gamesaves yet?

I think he thought people were unappreciative, so he took his ball and went home…or back to another board at least

Probably so bro.