Modding Spec Ops Level?

Well You need Horizon or modi
2nd you need a multiplayer save
You can follow this tutorial and get it
And this level 50 Survival level Download
How to extract your SPDATA:

  1. Goto Xbox360 Dashboard
  2. System Settings >> Memory
  3. Goto Modern Warfare 3
  4. Move “Multiplayer progress for (Your Gamertag)” to your flash drive
  5. Move the Multiplayer progress file from your usb flash drive to desktop on computer (in your profile, - modern warfare 3 files)
    Now what you want to do is take your usb out of the 360
  6. Plug the usb into the computer and open horizon
  7. Once Horizon is open You want to open the multiplayer data file of YOURS
  8. go to your desktop And drag the file into the root of your Multiplayer data
  9. Save rehash and resign a few times then save to your device
  10. Plug the usb into your 360 go to survival And you should be 50

Source: The Tech Game - How to mod your Spec ops level!

Does this work? What does level 50 in Spec Ops/Survival even give you?
Does this risk a ban?

You’re able to have all the guns, explosive upgrades, support packages, and maps for survival mode and all missions in mission mode. And no there isn’t a risk of bans because it’s offline data.

Is there any way to mod spec ops (god mode, unlimited ammo) ?

Thanks !

If i get banned for this im going to shove a tampon up your left nostril, and kick you in the back of the head till it comes out your mouth. < 3

I think that would be horrible

It is sort of online data too, when you set a high score, it will show your rank and your wave on there.

Kinda iffy on this, considering it’s a 4 day thread, anyone get banned? < 3

@Stevie - Why would you ask if it risks a ban when you know all modding has risks? o_O

I keep getting an error… can anyone help me?

hey mine said it failed what do i do it asked if i wanted to send an error report what do i do ?

Pretty sure it’s patched.