Modding Title ID

Hi, I’ve been looking all over trying for a guide on how to change the Title ID of a gamesave. I know the ID of what I want to change it to but I’m unable to edit in the Horizon program. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

What’s the purpose of this? Are you trying to change the name of the gamesave? Or change the title ID to a different game? I think that would just corrupt the save. I’m not following.

May I ask the reason why you want to do this? Horizon doesn’t support it because we rely on the title ID field to identify the game that the package belongs to. You can edit the title ID manually using a hex editor. It’s at offset 0x360. Easy to remember :smile: Don’t forgot to rehash and resign the package after manually modifying it.

Ah well I’m trying to use a saveset for Batman Arkham Asylum but I accidentally bought the GOTY edition and I’ve read that it’s possible to use the saveset as long as I change the Title ID from the original version to the newer one.

Download HxD (it’s a free hex editor). Open your save file in it, press CTRL+G, and enter “360” as the hex offset. You should see the title ID in hex format on the left panel. Overwrite that with the new title ID and save the file. Then drag and drop it onto the bottom bar of Horizon. That will rehash and resign the package.

Got it!Thank you very much!

You’re welcome! Hope it worked

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For what

Hi was wandering on how to use the HxD program to change the title ID for a save?

How stupid are you? OP got responses to the same question, read the damn responses.