Modding WaW (USB) | Mega Thread


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[size=25]My V3 Menu: SinfulTech WaW Menu (USB) latest

USB Xtaff: USBXTAFGUI_v44.exe

Clean Saves: Clean Save[/size]

My V3 Menu In Action (Remake Of Walkerneo’s)

How To Use My Menu

How To Mod Cod WaW With A USB

Making Your Own Mod Menu

Clean Saves Video


Smaller font please.

Did you just make an account, post this thread thinking you will get subscribers?

Lol no…

no i posted to help people out and sorry for the huge text

I’m trying it now… I’ll see if this works or not

EDIT: Doesn’t work. Is it patched or is it cause of my error saying something about I need 5MB free on my disc?

delete your old profiles you dont need or old game saves

Neither of that will work >_>

yes they will and get on aim lol