Modding Without A 360?

Ok so long story short i recently sold my 360. Now that im back into modding im kinda SOL on doing it with my 360 now.
My question is. Can you still mod your games and such (Like your profile) and somehow sync it to your profile without a 360?
I hate to get on ebay and looking for a cheap xbox just to sync my profile on.
And the one still isn’t usb compatible is it?

Only thing I can think of is have someone who owns a 360 do it for you

Yeah thats what i was thinking.
Sadly i dont wanna break down his door every time i wanna sync my profile. :confused:
Looks like that might be my only option.

Check craigslist. People sell 360s cheap there

That’s the truth. Just make sure you can test it out and make sure it’s not banned.