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Modding XBOX 360E


I have got a 2014 Xbox 360E console, which I want to use as an offline device (no Xbox live required, so no worrying about getting banned). I want this console to be able to run games off of a harddisk (I have some disks, need to get them on HardDisk, and some old pirated games too). I have read about jTag (and it doesn’t work with this console) and RGH (maybe it will work).

I want to know, to do this, am I supposed to RGH it, or is there any other method? Thanks.


@reversegrim you can rgh an xbox 360e console, but it depends on what type of motherboard was installed in the xbox 360, what is the production date? it will be on the back of the xbox 360 on a sticker that contains the mfr date, serial number and product id number.


@MichaelSteven The date on the back says that it was mfg on October 2014 and Dashboard version is 17511.


It sounds like you have the last E model they made. If it is, it has the Winchester motherboard and there’s nothing that can be modified on it other than case or led light mods. I could be wrong, but the last time I looked into it when I scored a blue 500GB E model for cheap it was not possible, and it seemed like it would never be.


@stevewonda I just checked as well Steve and @reversegrim you will not be able to rgh your xbox 360 e, since it does have the Winchester motherboard.


@MichaelSteven Is there anything else, I read somewhere that there was a usb emulation option, which didn’t require to RGH or jTag my console. Instead, it would fool Xbox to think that it’s running legit DVD Game, instead from the HDD. Thanks anyways!


@reversegrim unfortunately no sorry, but that is the one motherboard for the xbox360’s no one has been able to rgh.


They are either talking about a xk3y emulator or are making things up. I suggest you find out exactly what motherboard you have and see if any xk3y product is compatable (couldn’t find anything saying yes for the new consoles).


There’s a device called the Xk3y that did what your talking about, but I’m not sure if it was compatible with E models, and they’re very hard to find for sale now anyway.

Honestly, if you want a Jtag or RGH you should sell your E and buy a E or Slim model that is moddable or buy one that’s already modified. If you look around you can usually find one for a fair price.


@SteveWonda True.


I got two sources saying the same thing. Xk3y needs disc drive info and only way to get that with the disc drive in E consoles is with RGH installed. Might as well just buy some cheap second hand pc runing ddr3.


@sNaKe: :+1:


Okay, so my best bet is to sell this console (anyhow it was second hand :stuck_out_tongue: ). I am actually planning for a gaming parlour, can you recommend any other console that will be able to run some AAA titles, with pirated iso’s and official ones too? Thanks


Consoles are barely cheaper than computers at stock, modded consoles are far worse value (costs way more and doesn’t run games better). Less hassle and more bang-for-.your-buck to buy an outdated computer that will performe similarly or better. So many people just throw away computers when they upgrade, there’s bound to be something for cheap.